Systems innovation competency framework – a backbone to develop and recognise capacity for transformative change

Recent strategic reflections on Systems Innovation and Transformative Innovation emphasize that technical approaches to change are insufficient for achieving radical and disruptive innovations, required to respond to the complex dynamics and uncertain challenges existing nowadays. Beyond technical solutions, changes in...

Sustainable energy innovation in power utilities: Understanding transformation toward new sources of value creation and capture

An energy transition driven by sustainable energy innovation is largely accepted as the main way forward to mitigate the impact of the energy sector on climate change and contribute to a low carbon economy. Incumbent power utilities are focal actors...

Policy Rationales in the Shift to Digital Platform Economy: Strategies and Policies to Support Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business in the Shift to Digital Platform Economy

The project will focus on developing a solid understanding on how digital technologies and platform economy changes rationales for policy intervention, by removing, changing, and/or creating novel market failure mechanisms, spillover effects, and policy rationales. Digital platform economy has twofold implications...

Mobilizing the “Transformative” power of the sustainable development goals through science, technology and innovation: The case of Mexico

A transformative innovation approach implies that it is necessary to move from a focus on “system interaction” towards “system transformation”. In this poster we present a conceptual approach for how the research system can achieve those aims by “building bridges”...

Fast Expert Teams in a Platform Economy

Digital organizing provides an opportunity to capture not only local but also distant expertise for complex knowledge production requiring specialized and complementary expertise. Fast expert teams are critical organizing units that consist of geographically dispersed and often unfamiliar experts invited...

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