Transforming policy design: the experiment of the Universidad de Ibagué (Colombia)

At Universidad de Ibagué (UI, Tolima, Colombia) an Experimental Policy Engagment is taking place. This is an ongoing  participatory policy design process (May 2019 – May 2020) that aims to define a capability list for the whole University. The capability...

Redistributing prototyping capabilities in societies

Prototyping capabilities are redistributing radically in many societies, both spatially and socially. It is argued these redistributions expand human capabilities for social transformation beyond conventional (industrial) centres of production and consumption. Our project tests these claims through the study of...

Globalisation and Innovation in Sustainable Energy Industries in China

Over the past decade, China has emerged as a leading player in several renewable energy technologies. This research addresses both the causes and consequences of China’s rise in sustainable energy technologies. Chinese firms are beginning to take the global lead,...

The Political Economy of Low Carbon Energy Transition in Mexico

Explaining energy transitions in favour of the environment requires a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, this research explores the political economy of energy transitions in Mexico through a multi-level perspective approach (MLP). Mexico has followed an economic model based around fossil-fuels, especially...

Establishing the role of labour actors in sustainability transitions: case study of the textile and garment sector in Asia

The research question driving our work is how do sustainability transitions, particularly the understanding of ‘roles’ and ‘actors’, enable sustainable innovations and transformation in the textile and garment sector in Asia? The role of actors and actor constellations associated with...

The African network of researchers in learning, innovation and competence building systems (AfricaLics)

(AfricaLics) is the African regional network for researchers involved in innovation and development research with a specific interest in promoting learning, innovation and competence building systems approaches.  The network currently includes scholars from all over Africa including Algeria, Kenya, Mozambique,...

Transformative Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Human Settlements

The broad objective of the study is to facilitate the identification existing decision support tools, develop criteria for selecting a high impact and transformational support tool, pilot the tool and make recommendations to the Department of Science and Technology on...

Understanding Multi-Faceted Inclusive Innovation in India and Implications for Policy at time of Rapid Technological Change

Central Project Concerns Innovation to accelerate development and alleviate poverty are all the rage in India today. Programmes by government and non-governmental actors that support inclusive innovation in various ways are multiplying. However, these all appear to target different kinds...

Transformative Innovation Policies for Renewable Energy Production: The Case of Biogas in Developing Country

For developing countries, energy is a fundamental resource for its existence and functioning. In this scenario of constant growth demand, diversification of the energy matrix is a necessity, making evident the need for incentive and investment in new forms of...

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