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2018 Conference Report (short-version):


The 2018 conference of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) took place on 3-4 October at the University of Sussex, hosted by the Science Policy Research Unit, and was attended by over 100 delegates from across the world. This report is an overview of the debates and topics that were discussed over the two days. The sessions were varied in content and structure, but the focal point for all was the emerging opportunities, contestations, challenges and directions of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) theory and practice in the arena of science, technology and innovation policy. The conference saw lively discussion around key programmatic elements of TIPC such as capacity building for TIP initiatives and developing evaluative frameworks for TIP. Pioneering case-studies of TIP experimentation were also explored, including examples from Colombia, Mexico, China, and Sweden as well as broader analysis of regional trends across Africa, Latin America and Europe. Other parallel sessions explored thematic concepts crucial for TIP, such as place-based policy making and experimental cultures.
Publication Year: 2018