TIP in Action

How are policy people enacting TIP to make change happen?

The TIP theory explains the three frames of innovation. It gives a framework of six principles that encapsulates the TIP approach. It provides an initial methodology, and ultimately aims to provide new demonstrators, capabilities and standards for policy.

For many, the TIP concept has been digested, the framework mused over, the TIP programme aims understood. But how does TIP actually play out? What are the policy stories taking shape? Where is TIP part of the big, complex challenge to change systems and meet the Global Goals?

Each member country’s policy teams have their own story to tell. With two years of theory preparation under our collective belt, the networks involved in creating and enacting TIP are starting to see how this pioneering policy approach pans out.



TIP in Action: TIPC deliver first Transformative Innovation Learning Journey

Colombian coffee farmers regional innovation policy

TIP in Colombia

A Story of Regionalization The Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) agency, Colciencias, in Colombia were one of the first globally to begin working with the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School to create a...

Guide to: Deep Transitions

In order to inform the work of the Consortium in driving Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), the theory behind how societies change over time, and what compels these changes, must be explored. Much of TIPC’s work is drawn from...
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