Alejandra Boni


Alejandra is Deputy Director of Ingenio CSIC-UPV. Her main areas of research interest are human development, university, development education, international cooperation, project planning, grassroots social innovation and action research. She convenes the CYTED netwok Multidimensional Analysis of university-society interactions in Iberoamerica (2018-2021) which includes 13 iberoamerican institutions. She has been Principal researcher in several research projects (2005-2013) on development education, international cooperation and development aid funded by AECID, UPV and Secretaría de Estado de Universidades. Partner of four European Projects: EDUWEL (2010-2014), SOCIETY (2013-2015), Global Engineering (2013-2015), Global Identity through Human Development (2014) and Students 4 Change. Social Entrepreneurship in Academia (2016-2019).
Role in TIPC: Researcher


Formative Evaluation of Transformative Innovation Policy: The Key Principles

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