Ann Njoki Kingiri


Dr Kingiri is an STI policy and development researcher with a focus on inclusive and sustainable development in Africa. She has a PhD in Development Studies from the UK for which her focus was new biosciences policy. She holds a BSc in Agriculture and MSc in Plant Pathology, both from University of Nairobi, and an MSc in Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology from Mache Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy. She has over 20 years of experience working with the public and private sectors and development partners in the area of innovation and development, particularly targeting Africa. Currently, she is a Senior Research Fellow and previously the Director of Research at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), a development policy think tank working to harness applications of STI for sustainable development. As a policy researcher, she continues to pursue policy-oriented research in STI, agriculture, bioenergy, including climate change and gender as cross-cutting themes. She is an active member of Globelics and the current Secretary General of AfricaLics. She works closely with the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium.
Role in TIPC: Conference 2019

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