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Making the Green New Deal Happen Blog Series 2021

This new TIPC Blog Series discusses how, by shining a Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) perspective on the green new deals that are happening, not just in Europe, but around the world the outcomes could be transformed.

South Africa Water Experiment Blog Series

This blog series reflects the experiences of the teams in the debut South Africa TIP experiment, as they navigated through the TIPC Methodology to overlay the TIP theory of change on to their Living Catchments water provision and security project. This project works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water for All.


What Does COVID-19 Mean for Policy Learning and Co-Creation?

Vicky Shaw and Ed Steinmueller of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium consider the need to rethink business-as-usual and experiment with new ways of working. Learning and co-creation are the foundation for TIPC’s work on research, experimentation and evaluation. The consortium...

Developing an Agenda for Transformative Innovation Policy

Mobilisation of Networks towards Transformative Goals A dinner hosted by TIPC, and co-funded by EU-SPRI, brought together research networks leads, policy makers and national agencies to consider opportunities for collaboration around a Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) agenda aligned to societal...