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Making the Green New Deal Happen Blog Series 2021

This new TIPC Blog Series discusses how, by shining a Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) perspective on the green new deals that are happening, not just in Europe, but around the world the outcomes could be transformed.

South Africa Water Experiment Blog Series

This blog series reflects the experiences of the teams in the debut South Africa TIP experiment, as they navigated through the TIPC Methodology to overlay the TIP theory of change on to their Living Catchments water provision and security project. This project works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water for All.


A story of Finnish foresight & paradox

  27 MARCH 2017 Many economists have questioned why, in the main, their discipline neglected to foresee the global economic crisis of 2008. This failure of foresight extended, even in our era of hyper-globalisation, to some national governments who incorrectly...

Towards Transformative Innovation Policy for Norway

“A rich tapestry of the three frames of innovation policy are present in Norway. We need to let them know how to talk to one another.” Johan Schot, Director of SPRU As Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, Research Council of Norway (RCN)’s Special...

Colombia – A Snapshot from the Inception Visit

MATIAS RAMIREZ | 25 JANUARY 2017 “Transformative Innovation Policy above all is about changes in the socio-technical systems that involve multi-actors, address social and societal issue directly, have the potential to be disruptive and open the prospect of different routes...

The Consortium’s beginnings

  Johan Schot | 16 January 2017. “Transformative Innovation Policy is…innovation as a search process…informed by experience, and the learning that accompanies experience and a willingness to revisit existing arrangements to de-routinse them”. (Framing Innovation Policy for Transformative Change: Innovation...