Pitch Your Transformation: Der Knoten CIV-VAL

Vergangenes Ereignis
20. Januar 2022 17:30 (MEZ)
20. Januar 2022 18:30 (MEZ)

This session of ‘Pitch Your Transformation’ incorporates:

  • Der Knoten CIV-VAL
  • Collaborative Governance Models for District Management – Building Local Innovation Ecosystems
  • Novel evaluation methods to derive insight from science technology and innovation artefacts regarding SDGs

Each project presents for 10 minutes followed with 30 minutes of Q&As.


Der Knoten CIV-VAL

The CIV-VAL Node is a consortium composed of 5 universities and 3 research centers in the regions of Valparaiso and Coquimbo in Chile, and seeks to accelerate the territorial impact of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation in these regions, and it´s funded by the National Agency for Research and Development of Chile (ANID), under the Program “Nodes for the Acceleration of Territorial Impact of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation”.

Ref: #31 (runs with 35, 46)

Wissensinfrastrukturen für die Transformation
Herausforderungsorientiert: Wissensgenerierung und -aneignung