Die Rolle des Experimentierens bei der Förderung transformativer Innovationen an realen Orten

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19. Januar 2022 15:00 (GMT)
19. Januar 2022 16:30 (GMT)


This initiative will discuss the critical importance of creating transformative innovation strategies and policies that are evidence-driven, rooted in the capabilities and resources of communities, and that acknowledge and take advantage of where a country, region, or local area is situated along the entire process of innovation. Prevailing approaches to innovation policymaking have been heavily influenced by the Silicon Valley model of growth creation, which prioritises technological innovation. Some cities or regions have benefitted from this approach, but it is neither feasible or desirable in every context, and it is unlikely to lead to a step change in terms of directing innovation activities towards achieving transformative societal goals. A culture of exploration and experimentation is required, to develop and continually adapt innovation policies that are fit for purpose, and fit for context.

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Politik und Governance für transformativen Wandel


Alex Glennie
Alex Glennie is Senior Policy Manager at Nesta's Innovation Growth Lab. She leads engagement work with an international network of innovation policymakers, supporting them to embed experimentation practices in how they work and facilitating learning opportunities between them. In prior roles at Nesta, she has conducted comparative research on inclusive innovation policies, and worked with government innovation agencies around the world on strategy and policy.
Dan Breznitz
Dan Breznitz is a University Professor and Munk Chair of Innovation Studies at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy with a cross-appointment in the Department of Political Science of the University of Toronto, where he is also the Co-Director of the Innovation Policy Lab and a Senior Fellow of Messi College. In addition, he is a Fellow of CIFAR where he Co-Directs the program on Innovation, Equity and the Future of Prosperity. Professor Breznitz is known worldwide as an expert on rapid-innovation-based industries and their globalization, as well as for his pioneering research on the distributional impact of innovation policies. His most recent book, Innovation in Real Places: Strategies for Prosperity in an Unforgiving World, offers pragmatic advice while debunking dangerous myths on innovation, growth and prosperity, and was chosen by the Financial Times as one of the best books of 2021.
Geeta Nathan
Geeta Nathan ist Head of Economics and Insights bei Innovate UK, der britischen Innovationsagentur. Ihr Team konzentriert sich auf Wirkung, Bewertung, Vordenkerforschung und strategische Datenanalyse mit dem Ziel, zu verstehen, wie Innovate UK-Programme wirtschaftliche und nachhaltige Wirkung auf Geschäfts- und Makroebene erzielen. Geeta blickt auf eine lange Karriere in der Wirtschaftswissenschaft zurück, nachdem sie im Bausektor und im Bankensektor gearbeitet und zwei Jahre lang Wirtschaftswissenschaften unterrichtet hat.