1 October 2021

Developing a Transformative Theory of Change

Tackling the climate crisis requires transformative system change – a fundamental shift to place sustainability at the core of our societal systems. But how can projects, programs and other initiatives assess their contribution to this transformation, before, during and after...
1 September 2021 - 3 December 2021

TIPC Nordic Learning Event: Futures Literacy in TIP

TRANSFORMATIVE INNOVATION POLICY CONSORTIUM NORDIC MEMBERS   BUSINESS FINLAND     VINNOVA THE RESEARCH COUNCIL OF NORWAY       TIPC invites Nordic members and partners to join a space for learning and practice on the role of Futures Literacy in delivering...
1 June 2021

Theories of Change for Transformative Innovation Policy

This event is a Theoretical Foundations session within TIPC’s Open Learning Series. We welcome Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) funders, researchers, and policy practitioners both from within and outside the core TIPC network. Language of delivery is English.  In this...
5 July 2021 - 9 July 2021

Utrecht Summer School: Global Transformations

The challenges the world is facing are complex and often global in nature. The UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals to address these issues, but this requires profound transformations. The summer school ‘Global Transformations’ provides insight into how we...