Policy Lab – Resources, Knowledge & Briefs

Policy Resources

TIPC is about creating policy conversations and experiments between members, researchers and partners to find new ways to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since TIPC launched in 2016, a number of resources and publications have been created. Here a library of resources can be found for:

  • TIP Policy Briefs
  • TIP Policy Reports
  • TIP Workshop Reports
  • TIPC Member Information Leaflets – Country Factfiles
  • Transformative Innovation Learning Histories (TILHs)

Mobile Transformative Innovation Lab - MoTIL

The TIPC policy lab is termed – Mobile Transformative Innovation Lab (MoTIL) – and is the central platform of TIPC where information, ideas and knowledge are collected and shared. It is the “connective tissue” between the different projects, experiments and geographies of TIPC.