Collaborative multi-stakeholder arena as a mechanism enabling adaptive implementation of policy mixes on circular economy

Submission Number: 51
The project provides evidence on the application of a systemic policy model through a portfolio of actions to support the transition to the circular economy. For doing so, we analyse the implementation of a portfolio of actions delivered within the...

OECD project on the design and implementation of mission-oriented policies to address societal challenges

Submission Number: 56
The OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP) launched in 2019 a two-years project on the design, funding and implementation of mission-oriented policy (MOIPs) initiatives to address societal challenges. By allowing a better orientation and co-ordination of public interventions...

ASIRPA RT: Towards a real time impact assessment method for transformational research

Submission Number: 02
The objective of the project ASIRPAreal timeĀ  is to develop research management tools for real-time impact assessment based on a theoretical framework. These research management tools will help researchers and research project managers to design and conduct projects/programmes that will...