A Mexican policy experiment to promote sustainable use of biodiversity: transformative insights for the global challenge

Submission Number: 39
Analysing how niche building and expansion occurred through a policy experiment, Sustainable Productive Systems and Biodiversity (SPSB), in southern Mexico may shed light on policy’s role in sociotechnical changes and on how different actors interrelate. This initiative contributed to the...

Transformative Innovation Policy Research on e-Waste Management in Ghana

Transformation Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) research team in Ghana thoroughly analysed the Science Technology and Innovation (STI) ecosystem in Ghana, mapped actors’ roles and their responsibilities, against the backdrop of the different framings of transformative change process. The e-waste management...

Understanding dynamics of transformative ecosystems of grassroots innovation: visions, strategies and the role of local policies

Submission Number: 03
The aims of the project were: – To understand the contribution to transformation of grassroots initiatives towards more just and sustainable systems. – To understand how visions, strategies and interactions of initiatives model the contributions and the pathways to transformation....