Christina Miariti


Christina is the Programme co-Director of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). She has 17 years of experience in Higher Education in research development and impact roles. She has managed collaborative awards (EC Framework programmes 6 and 7) for a research centre of the University of Sheffield (SEERC) and most recently she has worked with researchers to develop impact plans for grant applications as a member of the Impact team at the University of Sussex. She has delivered a range of workshops on research impact and has designed bespoke materials and guidance on related topics. Before moving to Higher Education, she worked briefly as a radio reporter and held Communications posts for Associations and NGOs. Christina has a MBA (University of Sussex Business School) and a MA in International Communications (University of Leeds) and is a Scholar of the Onassis Public Benefit foundation. At TIPC she is responsible (with Vicky Shaw) for the operational and budget management of the programme and contributes to the design and implementation of the programme work. She looks forward to advancing the TIP theory and practice and to developing further the relationships that the Consortium fosters among researchers, funders and Science, Innovation and Technology policymakers. Joining the thinking among different actors and promoting TIPC’s ‘learning by doing’ approach in the spaces for experimentation that the programme establishes globally is what is needed to address today’s complex global challenges.
Função na TIPC: Programme design and implementation

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