Claudia Obando Rodriguez


Claudia E. Obando Rodriguez is an economist, MSc in Technology and Innovation Management and currently a doctoral researcher at SPRU. Previously, she headed the National Digital Entrepreneurship Programme Apps.co at Colombian ICT Ministry. As a senior advisor in Colciencias, now the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia - Minciencias, she led the Technology-Based Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation Programmes. In 2016, she was awarded the Chancellor's International Research Scholarship CIRS from the University of Sussex, which brought her back to the UK as a PhD student. Her research looks at the role of social actors in processes of regional diversification and industrial change in developing countries. She has been involved in the work of TIPC in Colombia since 2016, supporting training, mentoring and research and currently manages communications for the Latin American Hub. Her main interest is to understand sectorial dynamics enabling industrial transformation and processes of regional diversification driven by the delivery of sustainable development goals.
Função na TIPC: Centro de Pesquisa e Comunicações da América Latina

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