Cristian Matti


Cristian Matti is an expert in sustainability transitions and innovation policy. He is Head of Strategic Research and leading the Transition Hub at EIT Climate-KIC and he is visiting researcher at Utrecht University. He contributes to regional and urban initiatives by facilitating science-policy-practice interface for the design and implementation of policy strategies and technical assistance related actions. He has contributed to research projects on sustainability transitions, regional and industrial system of innovation as well as innovation policies for public and private organizations in Europe and South America. He also has experience as coordinator of professional education and postgraduate courses on sustainability and regional innovation. His primary interest is the linkages between science and practice in facing the challenge of supporting regional and local development as well as transforming environmental governance through innovation processes.
Função na TIPC: Research collaborator on transformative change and intermediation, MOTION lead for Science-Policy-Practice interface
Perfil da Universidade: https://www.uu.nl/staff/CPMatti

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