Инновационные портфели: практический подход к преобразующим инновациям

Прошедшее событие
25 января 2022 г. 14:00 (GMT)
25 января 2022 г. 15:30 (GMT)
How can projects, programs and other initiatives assess their contribution to transformation, before, during and after their lifespan?

Об этом мероприятии

Преодоление климатического кризиса требует трансформационного изменения системы - фундаментального сдвига, позволяющего поставить устойчивость во главу угла наших социальных систем. Но как проекты, программы и другие инициативы могут оценить свой вклад в эту трансформацию до, во время и после их жизненного цикла?

Innovation Portfolios are complex structures, within which projects, programmes and actions enable links with interconnected subgroups of projects and programs, by creating new strategic relations among multiple sectors, multiple locations and multiple levels of government.

The application of challenge-led system mapping on Innovation Portfolios allows multi-stakeholder settings to explore these strategic opportunities, responding to different framings, financial logic and institutional aims.

What we will cover

In this Open Learning Series workshop, we will learn how Innovation Portfolios can offer a practical approach to navigating Transformative Innovation.

We will consider when, how and why to use Innovation Portfolios, and explore real life cases from the Western Balkans, Gipuzkoa and the United Kingdom, along with the multi-location initiatives supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

Main benefits in attending

• Learn how Innovation Portfolios can help us recognise and understand transformations through linkages between projects and programmes

• Familiarise yourself with the practical process of mapping and analysing Innovation Portfolios

• Gain insights from the hands-on experiences of EIT Climate-KIC partners and projects

Recommended reading

Чтобы узнать больше перед мероприятием, см.

• Navigating from system mapping to innovation portfolios: a look at the transition to Circular Economy in the Western Balkans (Knowledge visualization Cross-KIC initiative)

• Handbook Challenge-led system mapping: A knowledge management approach (EIT Climate-KIC Transitions Hub)