Лаборатория мобильных трансформационных инноваций TIPC - MoTIL


Лаборатория политики TIPC называется «Лаборатория мобильных трансформационных инноваций» (MoTIL) - и является центральной платформой TIPC, где происходит сбор и обмен информацией, идеями и знаниями. Это «соединительная ткань» между различными проектами, экспериментами и географией TIPC.

As such, it is an open, creative and shared space, focused on capacity building and reflexive learning; a convening and inclusive space where the TIPC community can meet and learn from each other. Its main focus is on understanding how knowledge organizations can foster transformations. MoTIL is the place where the connection between the research base and practical orientation of TIPC is made concrete.

The TIPC MoTIL is a platform for knowledge exchange between projects and TIP research


MoTIL plays several roles:

  • It serves as a data management platform where relevant information for all projects of TIPC is collected, structured, anonymized and made accessible to TIPC members in an open repository, in a way in which it can promote learning between peers
  • It creates connections and knowledge flows between these different projects
  • It is a place where these experiences, methodologies and knowledge can be compared, re-used, modified and crystallised by TIPC members, researchers and partners
  • It is where these experiences and learnings are translated into tools that can be relevant to the broader community working on transformative innovation

At the moment, we are working on creating the building blocks of a knowledge management strategy across the different projects of geographies of TIPC, and are starting to systematize this knowledge into tools that can support our capacity building component.


The TIPC Mobile Transformative Innovation Lab (MoTIL)

Project Team

Имоджен Уэйд
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Бипаши Гош
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Карла Альвиал Палавичино
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