Продвигайте свою трансформацию: создание инструмента для поддержки перехода к устойчивости для политики взаимосвязи воды, энергии и продовольствия

Прошедшее событие
19 января 2022 г. 13:00 (GMT)
19 января 2022 г. 14:00 (GMT)

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This session of ‘Pitch Your Transformation’ combines:

  • Fit4Food: Transforming the system of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in Barcelona
  • Creating a tool to supporting sustainability transitions for the water-energy-food nexus policies
  • Water Innovation Hub

Each project will present for 10 minutes followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. 


Creating a tool to supporting sustainability transitions for the water-energy-food nexus policies

This initiative was developed to create a tool to support the sustainability transitions for the water-energy-food nexus policies. For this, there were three objectives: a) find a useful definition of sustainability transitions for policies, b) find a methodological tool for the sustainability transitions, c) test whether the methodological tool worked in practical settings: Mexico City’s water-energy-food policies. For this reason, a literature review found that the “Doughnut Economics perspective” served as a sustainability definition that could be contextualized to different places. Moreover, it was found that an evaluation of policy that analyzed the policies’ theory of change could understand the gaps in the policies required for transitions. Finally, it was found that to test the methodological tools, a stakeholder feasibility test had to be done. For this reason, we are now currently making a project to create Mexico City’s Doughnut Economics Coalition. This is done to assess whether this tool can serve to integrate sectors and agents, by using a governance and nexus approach. If so, this tool would serve to understand the challenges and opportunities for the feasibility of sustainable transitions found with the methodological tools as well as find responsible agents that will make the change required for these. With this last stage in our initiative, we are testing if this integrated understanding will create a collaborative platform that nurtures creativity and creates the support required for the sustainability transitions transformative change that Mexico City requires for the water-energy-food nexus policies.

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Концептуализация инноваций для преобразовательных изменений


Ева Марина Валенсия Леньеро
Ева Валенсия заинтересована в том, чтобы гарантировать права человека, не выходя за экологические пределы нашей планеты. Для этого она получила степень бакалавра права в Национальном автономном университете Мексики. Затем она специализировалась на взаимосвязях воды, продовольствия и энергии в городах и климатических проблемах во время получения степени магистра наук об окружающей среде, политики и управления в Лундском университете, Центрально-европейском университете и Эгейском университете. Она также работала в государственном секторе на международном и национальном уровнях.
Мишель Надер Саюн
Michel Nader, who studied MA in design in Aalto University, is interested in smart cities from the design perspective – how does design affect the residents’ city experiences and wellbeing? Interested in culture, people, life, and understanding our world, Michel looks for projects to spark passion. He wants to meet, travel, listen and work in any way possible to make our society better. He is a designer of creative strategies. He enjoys projects of design, facilitation of creative collaborative methods, strategy and ethnographic research.
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Алехандро Хименес
Alejandro Jimenez is focused on the international approach of the project, he studied International Relations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and had the chance to live and work in Sydney, Australia in multinational companies. He is passionate about traveling, culture diversity and languages and wants to take the achievements of the Dona Tricolor in Mexico City to an international level.