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Abbas is a Doctoral Researcher at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU). His current research is focused on the dynamics of public research funding across the domains of energy systems (including fossil fuel and low-carbon sources), transport (including mixed modes such as passenger vehicles, rail, freight, and aviation), climate change (including adaptation, resilience, geoengineering and climate engineering), industrial decarbonisation (including Distributed generation/co-generation, Process emissions, Industrial feedstocks, Industrial carbon capture storage and utilization (CCUS) and Energy storage). He is working with Professor Benjamin Sovacool. He is a low carbon development specialist with extensive experience in Climate Change and Energy financing in Africa. He holds a master’s in Environment and Resource Management and MSc. Energy Policy at the University of Sussex. He is a co-founder of Africa Green Mini-Grid Community of Practice (AfGMG), and co-founder of Africa Partnership Low Emission Development Strategies (AfLEDS).
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ข้อมูลมหาวิทยาลัย: https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p337203-abdulrafiu-abbas


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