Victoria Shaw


Victoria, known as Vicky, is TIPC's Programme Director. She previously worked as recruitment manager, assistant head of international and head of global partnerships. More recently, she has worked at University College London (UCL) managing a review and development of its Global Engagement Strategy. Vicky is a professional project manager, marketer and facilitator. She is interested in how our day-to-day lives need to change for a sustainable future, and in the potential for harnessing the power of groups for transformation.
Role in TIPC: TIPC Programme Director and Lead for Learning and Co-creation

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The TIP Resource Lab will be launched in 2022 as the ‘connective tissue’ between the projects, experiments and geographies of the Consortium. It will offer practical tools and resources for implementing TIP methods, and share learnings from the journey of...

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Policy Learning and Co-Creation?

Vicky Shaw and Ed Steinmueller of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium consider the need to rethink business-as-usual and experiment with new ways of working. Learning and co-creation are the foundation for TIPC’s work on research, experimentation and evaluation. The consortium...

Developing an Agenda for Transformative Innovation Policy

Mobilisation of Networks towards Transformative Goals A dinner hosted by TIPC, and co-funded by EU-SPRI, brought together research networks leads, policy makers and national agencies to consider opportunities for collaboration around a Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) agenda aligned to societal...