英国苏塞克斯大学商学院科学政策研究组 (SPRU)

The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School in the UK coordinates our strategic international partnership on science, technology and innovation thinking. TIPC is one of SPRU’s major research initiatives.

In 2016, this new innovative collaboration launched, created by the then Director of SPRU, Professor Johan Schot. Professor Schot, now at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, remains the Academic Director of TIPC.

The Consortium brings together global innovation actors with researchers, funders, NGOs and agencies from across the globe – Colombia, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Mexico as well as other associates – to work on project that develop a TIP approach.

Running from 2018 to 2022, the partnership programme contains four key strands: experimentation, evaluation, research; and capacity building and training. TIPC also focuses heavily on engagement and communications to inform on and inspire TIP thinking. The TIPC network collaborates to co-create new narratives, frameworks, methods and tools for science, technology and innovation policy.

TIPC is underpinned by research into new ways to provision for societies to bring about transformations that can address the grand challenges of our time.

Foremost, Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) looks to help solve urgent social and environmental issues, and consequently then economic ones. There is a focus on finding paths to reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are associate TIP projects too in China, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and Panama.


南非启动 TIP 政策实验

TIPC 正在扩大其政策试验计划,以包括来自创始成员国南非的一个项目。该项目侧重于实现与提供水和卫生设施相关的可持续发展目标 (SDG)。合作项目——...


瑞典创新署和 TIPC 成员 Vinnova 通过能力建设、深度学习和联合制作研讨会启动了他们的国内转型创新政策 (TIP) 项目。面向政策制定者的“变革性学习之旅”旨在询问“科学如何……


为实现转型目标动员网络 由 TIPC 主办并由 EU-SPRI 共同资助的晚宴聚集了研究网络负责人、政策制定者和国家机构,以考虑围绕与社会一致的转型创新政策 (TIP) 议程开展合作的机会。 ..