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With the TIPC, South Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation agencies are working towards a just and inclusive society through transforming national policy.

Following the end of apartheid in 1994, STI policy in South Africa has attempted to address the “triple challenge” of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. With a high R&D investment and worldclass research institutions, South Africa has made
some grounds in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. More recently, a new focus on transformative grassroots innovation and sustainable development has begun to shape policy.

The formulation of the 2017 White Paper for Science, Technology and Innovation provides an opportunity for exploration and experimentation through TIPC to ensure STI policies can become more inclusive with a transformative outcome.

Countries covered: 南非

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南非启动 TIP 政策实验

TIPC 正在扩大其政策试验计划,以包括来自创始成员国南非的一个项目。该项目侧重于实现与提供水和卫生设施相关的可持续发展目标 (SDG)。合作项目——...
4 November 2019 - 5 November 2019

TIPC Conference 2019

Read our conference report.   The TIPC annual conference took place this year at Ingenio CSIC-UPV, Valencia, Spain on 4-5th November. The focus was on understanding how academic scholars and practitioners across the globe are interpreting and enacting Transformative Innovation...
22 October 2019 - 24 October 2019

TIP Africa Hub Experimentation Training

The South African National Foundation of Research are hosting a 2 day training on policy experimentation for African policymakers to embark on a National Programme of Transformation. Professor Johan Schot, Academic Director of TIPC, said of the Transformative innovation Policy (TIP) training:...


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Launch of Transformative Innovation Policy Africa Hub

11 DECEMBER 2018 Senegal, Ghana and Kenya are set to participate in the new Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Africa Hub.  Supported by current Consortium member, South African’s National Research Foundation (NRF), they will collaboratively look at ways to strengthen their...