非洲学习经济网络、创新和能力建设系统 (AfricaLics) 创新与发展 (I&D) 研究能力建设项目,加强变革性研究和政策

2022 年 1 月 17 日 15:15(格林威治标准时间)
2022 年 1 月 17 日 16:15(格林威治标准时间)

The initiative aims to promote discussions about how AfricaLics and the associated research capacity building project on innovation and development (I&D) research can enhance transformative research and policy. In this EOI, we describe what AfricaLics as an initiative has been doing, why this is transformational and how it may contribute to transformative change at large.

The African economies seem to hit a crossroad regarding directionality of their innovation policies to attain sustainable development. On the one hand economic growth is paramount to ensuring the livelihoods of Africa’s rapidly increasing population. On the other hand, climatic, environmental and social challenges call for new development models that tackle these challenges including climate change and undesired socio-economic inequalities. Efforts are therefore needed to research networks like AfricaLics to contribute to the development of transformative thinking and policies for change. Based on quantitative and qualitative data about the development of the field of Innovation and Development studies, this initiative will help strengthen discussions in the network and with actors in the TIPC network on how AfricaLics and the research capacity building project can contribute to transformative change at large.

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Ann Kingiri 是非洲技术研究中心 (ACTS) 的高级研究员。她是一名科学、技术和创新 (STI) 政策与发展研究员,专注于非洲的包容性和可持续发展。她作为主任领导科学、技术、创新 (STI)、知识与社会 (STIKS) 计划。她在能力建设、研究和政策分析方面拥有丰富经验,重点关注创新研究和开发、农业、可再生技术、生物技术、数字创新、性别和气候变化。 Ann 的研究和政策分析方法涉及创新系统思维和变革性思维。她拥有英国发展政策和实践学科的博士学位,专注于新的生物科学政策。她是非洲学习、创新和能力建设系统经济学网络 (AfricaLics) 的秘书长。这是一个致力于如何利用创新和能力建设促进非洲发展的学者网络。 Ann 还担任肯尼亚气候创新中心 (KCIC) 的非执行董事。
作为肯尼亚 ACTS 的科学、技术、创新、知识和社会 (STIKS) 工作计划的主任,我负责管理 7 个项目组合,这些项目考虑了 STI 与社会之间的联系;其中许多在非洲大陆层面。我是其中许多项目的首席研究员或联合研究员,包括肯尼亚可再生能源创新 (IREK) 项目; AfricaLics 研究能力建设项目和;科学资助委员会倡议的合作项目。在这些项目中,我积极从事以下领域的研究: 1. 科学、技术和创新研究和政策及其促进创新活动以促进包容性发展的能力。 2. 技术能力建设及其对非洲土著组织的影响;具体来说,他们如何从参与大型项目和/或融入全球价值链和国际贸易中受益或以其他方式受益。 3. 低碳技术创新及其促进包容性发展的能力。在我的工作中,我也对加强研究能力充满热情。我对如何在一系列投资组合领域(特别是研究、创新、工业、教育和金融)改善对政策制定者的培训和支持服务特别感兴趣,并且对如何促进大学和职业的创新研究培训特别感兴趣培训水平及其与现有创业培训的联系。我在英国爱丁堡大学获得科学和技术研究博士学位,并发表过广泛的著作,包括能源政策、研究政策、科学和公共政策、欧洲发展研究杂志和国际发展杂志。
Margrethe Holm Andersen is a Senior Advisor at the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University in Denmark; the academic coordinator of the AfricaLics Visiting Fellowship Programme for African PhD candidates and post-docs (www.africalics.org) and a senior research fellow in the IREK project (www.irekproject.net) focused on renewable electrification in Kenya. Andersen has more than 30 years of experience from research and planning, implementation and evaluation of development cooperation. She has worked with learning, capacity development and processes of change in agriculture and environment, climate change, local development and gender relations mainly in an African context. Her current research focusses on development of innovative capabilities in renewable electrification and sustainable industrialization and on research capacity development. She has also published on innovation and health systems strengthening, gender relations and evaluation of development cooperation. Andersen holds a Master in Public Administration (1988) and a Ph.D. in Social Science (1992) from Aalborg University. From 1998-2013 she worked with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as Deputy Head in Technical Advisory Services (2000-2002); at the Danish Embassy in Nicaragua (2004-2006) and in the Evaluation Department (2007-2013). She is currently the Chair of Board of Danida Fellowship Centre (https://dfcentre.com/) which aims at supporting lifelong learning for sustainable development.