Diana is an anthropologist and a systems engineer. She also holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh. Interdisciplinary research and practice has been a constant in her career. With a background in innovation studies, she has worked in the design and implementation of strategies and policies for research, social projection and teaching in universities. She has been director of research and innovation in Universidad del Rosario, Colombia; and Provost in Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia. Her main research areas are innovation studies, STI policies design, higher education management, and development studies. She is currently a Research Fellow in Ingenio, working in the development of formative evaluation for different experimental policy engagements developed with varying members of TIPC.
在 TIPC 中的作用: Ingenio CSIC-UPV 研究员



共享议程是一个探索性项目,从 2020 年 10 月至 11 月运行。来自 Ingenio 的 TIPC 团队将领导一系列研讨会,旨在将变革性的共享议程实施到 RIS3CAT 2021-2027 的框架中。研讨会周期的主要目标,...

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