Dimitrios Pontikakis (BA, PhD) is an Economist and Policy Analyst at the European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre. His current work focuses on the design and provision of appropriate policy support to foster innovation in low income and low growth EU regions. He leads the recently launched Working Group on "Understanding and Managing Industrial Transitions", a key activity of which are the Reviews of Industrial Transition. He was previously an Economist at the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, contributing to OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy and to OECD work on System Innovation.
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JRC 在 RIS3 落后地区支持项目框架内成立了一个了解和管理工业转型工作组。该工作组旨在支持面临重大工业转型的地区(以及适当的国家)当局,远离……